CESC Fabrications proudly serves the Southern California with the utmost in metal fabrication. Our reputation for being highly dependable and working in every facet of the industry – from conception to the final product – allows us to meet your needs with precision.


Our work at CESC Fabrications is never done. We continually upgrade our equipment to the best in the industry to ensure that each fabrication can be done in a timely, cost-saving manner.



Our business consists of the following traits:

A Complete Fabrication Provider

Utilization of the Latest Technology


From the very beginning of the design process to the last layer of coating, CESC Fabrications can do it all. Our services do not just include the final production process. We start by using your designs or drawing up custom designs to meet your needs. After approval, we can begin on the production and welding part of the process. Finally, the appropriate coating is applied and your design is finally delivered.

Our products are superior not only because of our experienced fabricators, but also because we utilize the latest technology. During every step of the fabrication process, you are assured that the latest technology is used to provide the best in fabrication at all times.

Our team of experienced fabricators have worked on a wide range of fabrication work. From grates and gates to custom BBQ applications, our team can do it all. We will work together through all phases of your project to ensure that it is completed well beyond your expectations.




There are a variety of metals that we work with on a consistent basis. The following metals are our go-to choices and will be what our standard fabrications are produced with:





If you have a special request for a metal that you need, other metals are available upon request.

Coatings will be the final process of your fabrication. We offer the following coating types:






•Nickel – Chrome



The services offered at CESC Fabrications include:



•BBQ & Accessories

•Whimsical / Decorative

•Ornamental Fence / Gates

•Tree Grates

•Tree Guards

•Trench Grates

•Catch Basin Grates

CESC Fabrications is proud to provide you with a solution to all of your fabrication needs. We specialize in custom design and build fabrications. No job is too big or small for our team to accomplish.


Give us a call today at 951.769.0099 to talk about your fabrication needs.


 Phone: 951 - 769 - 0099

 Fax: 951 - 845 - 3139


 Email: kbs@cescengineering.com


 Address: 244 Maple Ave. Suite M

 Beaumont, CA 92223 - 2914

"We have come to rely on CESC fabrications as our "go-to" metal shop. They always deliver on-time, on-budget, have always been extremely helpful and they have an exceptionally friendly staff ready & willing to help." - Katchall Filtration Systems, LLC. Beaumont, CA